Two Internet Companies in Sussex to Merge

Jupiter Colour Ltd has been running successfully for many years now. In that time, we have gained much experience in web design, social media and online marketing.

Website Marketing Specialists in Sussex

One of our passions is online marketing, as we know that without this, a website won’t be as effective as it could be – this is such an important aspect to any website and we actively encourage all our clients to push with the marketing in what is a very competitive industry nowadays. Whether it is through Search Engine Optimisation or Social Media, this is all so important and our clients know and understand this from the information we have given them. They see what great results they get when they spend a bit of time working with us to find out and discover what their clients search for when looking for their services.

As we have been concentrating so much on our marketing, we have decided to join forces with another reputable internet design agency in Sussex who specialise in great design and branding work and we are really proud to announce that we will be merging with Blue Planet Internet Solutions over the next few months.

Website Design Specialists in Sussex

Blue Planet have many of the same qualities we have, at Jupiter Colour and are looking to achieve the same quality of work for their clients as we are. They have a really strong design team, who specialise in great website designs, Corporate ID and Branding.

Come and See Us

We are really looking forward to establishing this merger, having moved into new offices with them at the Meadow Business Centre on the Old Uckfield Road, between Lewes and Uckfield. Please feel free to pop in and see us there, we welcome all our clients there and will be contacting everyone personally over the next couple of months. Our telephone number there is still currently the same – 01435 866975. Just give us a quick ring to check we are free to have a coffee with you when you come in!

We have also decided to rebrand the company once we have merged, so watch this space to see our processes and give you an example of our excellent branding skills!