Derek Crowson Makes more Donations…

Derek Crowson is someone who likes to help charities. His business, Crowson Fabrics is expanding, improving and consistently looking at new designs and materials.

His philanthropy is also growing, with his charitable donations helping many people and a lot of really worthwhile causes.

Martindale CentreSt Giles Church, Horsted Keynes

He has recently donated a large sum of money to St Giles Church in Horsted Keynes. The Martindale Centre, linked to the church, was originally a congregational church.

It fell into disrepair, but in 1987 was bought by the parishioners and has gradually been refurbished. Projects such as this always rely heavily on donations made and events that will raise money to help – always a lot of hard work for many many people.

Derek Crowson made a donation to this fund as he has many links to the area.

Para-Rowing TeamMilitary Para Rowing – Row To Recovery

Derek has also made a rather large and extremely generous donation to the Military Para Rowing team, They are raising money to make a second attempt for an amputee military crew to row unaided across the Atlantic this winter.

There is an enormous amount of time, effort and work goes into a charitable event such as this, and all donations would be extremely welcome. They wouldn’t be able to fund something as huge as this without the kind contributions made by benefactors such as Derek Crowson. This is a really worthwhile cause and really shows the diversity of Derek’s charitable donations.

We have been working with Derek Crowson and the Derek Crowson Charitable Trust for a little while now and are very proud that we are promoting him and the really valuable work he is doing, helping so many charities.